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Golf Destination Review is a Canadian based organization that has been inspecting and assisting Golf Courses all over North America for over 25 years. We are affiliated with many other golf marketing groups around the globe who write about and assist golf facilities in bringing quality business to their doorsteps. Please peruse our website to see who our clients and our affiliates are and what we do with the information that our clients share with us for distribution around the world.

GDR plays a significant role in a special network of golf related marketing organizations designed with one common goal as top of mind. That goal is to help quality golf courses and their related facilities thrive in the very difficult and challenging business of golf.

We assist in this endeavour by the effective distribution of sales and marketing information, press releases and other data supplied to us by our valued clients and their agents. This information is distributed globally via our extensive networks of golf interested magazines, news agencies, golf associations, travel companies and the tourism departments of various local, state, provincial and federal governments. We often engage the services of the top writers and marketers in the golf industry. Many GDR personnel are top golf writers in their own right.

Think of us as the electronic delivery system of quality information about quality golf courses and facilities.

The Golf Destination Review personnel who represent the GDR brand are true professionals as represented by the associations they belong to. Here are a few of those organizations:

  1. Golf Journalists Association of Canada
  2. International Association of Golf Tour Operators
  3. International Golf Travel Writers Association
  4. Golf Association of Ontario
  5. Golf Canada
  6. The Golf Historical Society of Canada

Top 100 Golf Courses of the World

Top 100 Golf Courses

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